What I do

I am an independent violin maker. Master Instruments, Students and I have loaner instruments available in all sizes and I lead a standing offer 2. Choice (as. 25% – 40% Discount to the attached price list), and on old instruments. All types of repairs to be done quickly and inexpensively as possible. If you want it, I like to make a binding estimate for your restoration or repair.
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City Kirch and Down by Weiherdamm with Stroh violin


Der Geigenbaumeister

Video Post to master luthier Walter Mahr on the person: In the middle of the old town center of Geigenbaumetrople Bubenreuth has between Frankish pointed gables, and brownstones a luthier ...

Information for their instrument

Here you will find all necessary information about my hand crafted string instruments known in excellent quality "made in Germany"

Itine extensive, expensive care does not a string instrument! The best care is, wipe off the instrument after playing with a dry duster, so as to prevent, that fix later sticky rosin can not even. It should be ensured, the instruments are not in a dark corner or in the closet, next to or on the heater stand or lie.More

All the parts are in stock or can be ordered inexpensively. Shipping is on the same or following day.

A violin (Violet, Cello) is made from pure natural products.

The hardwood maple is used as support material and used as a base,Sides and neck of the instrument. Spruce is the resonance- or. Tonewood. From this, the ceiling created with the scarf holes (FF-Holes), Bass bar, Pinblock and reinforcements such as e.g.. Lining strips and pads. → More